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How The Allurion Gastric Pill Balloon Works 


How The Allurion Gastric Pill Balloon Will Help You Lose Weight 

The Allurion swallowable gastric balloon offers a hassle-free alternative to hospital admission, with a simple 20-minute outpatient appointment. This innovative approach eliminates the need for endoscopy; instead, you swallow a specialized capsule with a glass of water. An X-ray confirms its proper positioning, after which the balloon is filled with a saline solution, and the small catheter is removed. Importantly, sedation is not utilized, allowing you to drive yourself home. 
This swallowable gastric balloon effectively occupies a significant portion of your stomach, serving as an integrated portion control mechanism that fosters a sense of satisfaction even after consuming small meal portions. It remains in place for approximately 16 weeks (equivalent to 4 months) until a time-activated release valve in the device opens, causing the balloon to deflate and pass naturally. Notably, no separate removal procedure is necessary. 
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