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Allurion Swallowable Gastric Pill Balloon Q&A's 

Welcome to the Allurion Gastric Pill Balloon Q&A page, your go-to resource for answers to all your inquiries about this groundbreaking weight loss solution. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to make informed decisions about your weight loss journey. Whether you're curious about the procedure, its benefits, the medical professionals involved, or the post-procedure care, we've got you covered. Explore this page to find the information you seek and embark on a path to a healthier, happier you with the Allurion Gastric Pill Balloon. 

Am I eligible for the Allurion Balloon? 

To initiate the procedure, the patient ingests a compact capsule housing the uninflated balloon, affixed to a slender, flexible tube. Subsequently, the capsule's precise placement in the stomach is verified using X-ray or fluoroscopy. With confirmation in place, the medical team proceeds to inflate the balloon by introducing a sterile saline solution. This inflation creates a sensation of fullness and curbs appetite, fostering the weight loss process. To conclude, the slender tube is carefully extracted, leaving the balloon in position for a duration of four months, after which it naturally passes from the body. 

How is the Allurion Balloon inserted? 

The procedure commences as the patient ingests a diminutive capsule housing the uninflated balloon, connected to a slender and flexible tube. Subsequently, an X-ray or fluoroscopy is employed to verify the accurate placement of the capsule within the stomach. Upon confirmation, the medical team proceeds to expand the balloon by introducing a sterile saline solution. This inflation generates a sense of fullness and diminishes hunger, facilitating the weight loss process. To conclude, the delicate tube is gently withdrawn, leaving the balloon undisturbed for a duration of four months until it naturally passes from the body. 

What happens if I am unable to swallow the Balloon? 

99.9% of patients swallow the ballon without any difficulty, if you do have problems, that’s ok, your doctor will be on hand to help. 

How long is recovery after swallowing the Balloon? 

The recovery time after gastric balloon placement is typically minimal, with most people able to resume normal activities within a few days. 

How long does it take to fill the Balloon? 

The balloon is filled with saline solution during the procedure, and it usually takes about 5-7 minutes to fill the balloon. You can expect to be in the clinic for approx. 45 minutes in total. 

How quickly can expect to lose weight after the Balloon is filled? 

How much weight you will lose and how quickly varies from person to person and will depend on how well you adapt to the gastric balloon and how much you are prepared to adjust your lifestyle, eating habits, and activity levels. Experience has shown, however, that 70-80% of weight loss typically occurs during the first three months of treatment*. 

How will the Balloon be removed? 

The Allurion balloons are naturally excreted after 4 months 

Will I notice the Balloon after its inserted? 

Individual experiences may vary, but the majority of individuals report not perceiving the balloon itself. Instead, they describe a sense of fullness or weightiness in the stomach. Nevertheless, a few patients have mentioned that during more strenuous activities, such as running, they can detect slight movement. Importantly, this sensation is not associated with discomfort, but rather represents a unique and non-distressing feeling. 

Following Consultation how soon can I have the Balloon inserted? 

We understand that when you make the decision to undergo a gastric balloon procedure, you're eager to embark on your journey promptly. While the gastric balloon is indeed a secure non-surgical intervention, it remains a medical procedure governed by rigorous eligibility criteria and contraindications. It is imperative that you consult with a medical professional to ensure that your medical history aligns with the suitability of the balloon as an option. Typically, subject to clinic and consultant availability, we can schedule your consultation in approximately one week. Subsequently, we aim to maintain a minimum interval of 7 days between the consultation and the procedure. This timeframe not only allows you ample time for contemplation but also ensures the completion of the necessary administrative procedures to facilitate your journey. 
*Compared with dieting, research studies show that a gastric balloon programme can help you lose 3 times more weight than by following a diet and exercise alone. Results and benefits do vary and are different for each individual. As such, Elite Hair Restoration Ltd cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals. 
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