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Hair Transplant Surgery Aftercare 


Post Hair Transplant Surgery Aftercare Instructions 

Post- Operative Instructions- FUT/FUE Hair Transplant Technique 
Eat a light meal following the procedure. 
Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for 7 days following the procedure. 
Do not take any aspirin or any medication containing Salicylic Acid. Also avoid the use of any non-prescribed substances for 7 days following the procedure. 
Follow the instructions regarding the medication prescribed by your doctor. All medication should be taken with a meal. 
Relax for the rest of the day. 
Do not scratch the head at any time as it is important that germs are not transferred from your fingers / hands to the donor or recipient sites as this could cause infection. 
Avoid strenuous exercise for 30 days following the procedure. 
Do not turn the head in the upside-down position on the day of the procedure or at least 4 days following the procedure. 
Do not expose your head to strong direct sunlight for 30 days following the procedure, we recommend that youwear a hat / cap when going out in direct sunlight for four weeks post procedure and avoid sunburn on the head for two months post procedure. 
Sleep on your back but not on your stomach. 
Spray the recipient site with the hydration solution every 60 minutes following the procedure (while awake) on the day of the procedure and the following 5 days. 
If you use all the hydration solution within the 3 to 4-day period, simply refill the bottle with cold boiled water from your kettle. 
Possible Post-Operative Side Effects 
Side effects to hair transplant surgery are rare, but, if any of the following happen they are normal: 
Bleeding from the donor area 
Hair loss, transplanted hair can fall out within the first few days. Don’t worry it’s only the hair shaft, not the follicle. So, if you see what looks like a graft, it’s only a hair with a little tissue or scab at its base. 
Swelling of the recipient area (This is more prevalent in frontal hairline cases) this can develop above the eyebrows. If this drops below the eyebrows this can cause black eyes and skin discolouration. 
Crusting or cracking on the recipient area. 
When will you see new hair growth following your procedure? 
Please note that it is normal for some or all of the newly placed hairs to fall out within the first 4–6 weeks. They will then go into a resting phase and 15%-20% will begin to come through the skin at the end of the 4th month. You should then expect an additional 20% (approx.) to come through each month following that. 
Please do not expect to see your full 100% growth before the end of the 12th month and sometimes a full 18 months are required. 
At the end of 12th month following your procedure, it would be a very good idea to pop into your local clinic for an evaluation appointment, so please call through to us or e-mail us when you would like to set up this appointment. 
We know you will love your result, so please tell others of your experiences with us. 
Washing Instructions: 
IMPORTANT: No highly chemical based products such as hair colour, hair lacquer or sprays etc. should be used on the 
head for the next month. 
Date: (day 3 following procedure), please wash the DONOR site only, ideally with baby shampoo. Do not allow water to spray / fall onto the transplanted area for five days following the procedure. 
Date: (day 6-7 following the procedure) pour tepid water over your scalp and let this air dry – do not use towel or hair dryer at all. 
Date: (day 8-14 following the procedure) begin to pour soapy water over the whole head using baby shampoo daily. 
Date: (day 15 following the procedure) begin to wash your hair with baby shampoo, gently at first and gradually more normally from day 18 onwards. 
Day 1,2 and 3 (post op) 
You can wash the donor site only (where donor hairs come from) with Johnsons Baby Shampoo, use the palm of the hand only very softly. Wash once only with lukewarm water. 
Day 6 to day 7 (post op) 
Pour tepid water over your head, the more you do this the softer the scabs will become and the sooner they will lift off. 
Day 8 to 14 days (post op) 
Use Soapy Water gently poured over the entire scalp, especially on the recipient area to encourage blood flow around the newly planted hairs. This will help the scabs to fall. 
Day 15 onwards (post op)  
Wash whole head with Johnsons Baby Shampoo once a day, every day gently to start with but as the days continue you can become more normal with the pressure on your scalp. 
After 1 Month. 
You can resume your normal washing regime and techniques. You can go back to using your normal shampoo although we recommend a DHT Blocking Shampoo to help prevent further Hair Loss, these tend to be available from Boots Chemist. 
Washing Hair Technique – Use Flat Hands Only for the first sessions washing your hair and then gradually begin to use the fingers after a few more days, BUT NEVER YOUR NAILS, increasing intensity as the days go on. 
If you use Regain/Minoxidil or Finasteride you may start reusing 30 days following the procedure. 
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