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What Can I Expect From Scalp Pigmentation Tattoo For Hair Loss (SMP) 
If you’ve never heard of the name SMP or Scalp Pigmentation, you may be thinking what is it and what results can I expect from it? 
You are more than likely heard about male pattern baldness, hair thinning, or alopecia. These terms simply are types of hair loss on a region of the head or the entire head. Hair loss can happen to both men and women at any age. As a result - Scalp micro-pigmentation is a hair loss treatment to camouflage or hide thinning areas or give complete head coverage for men wearing a shaved hair style trim. 
What is scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP)? 
Scalp micro-pigmentation is the process of replicating your individual hair follicles, thousands of times across your head to achieve the look that you have a full head of hair. If your hair is simply thinning and you have enough hair, a density procedure adds fullness to your hair so that you can avoid using messy products like hair fibers. Otherwise if you’ve lost a lot of hair or are bald in other areas, it gives the look of short shaven stubble. 
Why choose SMP? 
SMP is one of the best options if you’re looking to do something about your hair loss. Scalp micro-pigmentation is the only hair loss solution out there that can guarantee results. SMP is also the only procedure out there that covers the scars a traditional hair transplant leaves behind. 
Scalp micro-pigmentation is a great solution for men and women of any age that suffer from hair loss. It can be used on individuals of any skin tone, any ethnicity, and generally any hair loss condition. 
SMP is not a hair loss cure 
Scalp Micro-pigmentation isn’t a cure for hair loss, unfortunately it will not stop hair loss. SMP also will not make your hair grow. It is just a concealment procedure. 
Scalp Micro-pigmentation Results 
Every single client we’ve treated at Elite Hair Restoration Ltd has completely loved their procedure. We believe in this procedure so much, our lead SMP Artist even has had his head done and looks amazing as a result. 
Feel free to send us a message or arrange a callback and we’ll help you arrange a consultation with Damon to learn more about SMP and how you might look in 3-6 months time. 
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