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Hair Restoration for MTF Transgender Patients Throughout the UK. 
Hair restoration surgery for male-to-female (MTF) transgender patients, also referred to as transgender hair restoration or transgender hair transplant surgery, is a procedure that surgically removed resistant hairs from the back of the scalp, known as the donor region using hair transplantation techniques to improve the overall appearance of thinning areas on the scalp. 
As a result of surgery, our patients can expect a more youthful and feminine-shaped hairline. Transgender women can face many challenges when it comes to their hair, and it can contribute to a condition known as gender dysphoria. 
However, improving a person’s hairline with hair transplant surgery can lead to higher self-esteem and renewed confidence. In the safe hands of an experienced Elite Hair Restoration hair transplant surgeon, we can perform advanced techniques in hair transplant that will result in the best possible results. This has been acknowledged within the UK for over 10 years and Elite Hair Restoration are recognised as the UK’s leading Transgender Hair Surgery clinic with Clinics in Birmingham, Nottingham, Leamington Spa, Manchester and London. 
What Types of Hair Restoration Techniques Are Available To Me? 
There are two techniques available to transplant hair, these being Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and hairline lowering. 
These surgical procedures can be used in a multitude of ways to help restore the following conditions: 
o Thinning areas on the scalp 
o Thinning on the crown 
o Receding hairlines or hairlines with a masculine shape 
o High Hairlines, by bringing them down by 1-2cm. 
Transgender hair transplants are also mostly performed using the FUT surgical procedure. However, transgender hair transplants need to have the highest level of artistry since the hairline needs to fit a person’s gender and create a soft and natural appearance for patients during their transition. 
This is also referred to as transgender hairline lowering, which transforms a masculine M-shaped hairline into a more feminine looking hairline that contours the face. Both procedures are a day case surgery, performed under Local Anaesthetic and take around 4-8 hours to complete. 
Are There Risks Involved in Transgender Hair Transplant Surgery? 
Patients seeking a hair restoration surgery to create a softer and more feminine appearance need to keep in mind that there are risks involved in all surgical procedures. These risks can include hair recession and progressive hair thinning, if the patient isn’t using any preventative treatments to retain their hair. 
However, for many transgender patients, the conversations about Testosterone and DHT have already been discussed and non-surgical therapies, such as hormone therapy is already underway. This will significantly help with the long-term results. 
The ultimate goal for Elite Hair Restoration and its Surgeons is to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results and a hairline that feminizes the face and restores confidence. 
Am I a Good Candidate for Hair Restoration Surgery? 
Hair transplants are historically viewed as a male surgery to treat male pattern hair loss. 
For transgender women who have undergone gender reassignment surgery and are taking hormone therapy, male pattern hair loss can stop. This process can be advantageous for having long-lasting results for hair restoration. 
However, it is essential to note that not all patients with hair loss or a high hair line may be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant surgery. There are many factors to consider before Elite Hair Restoration accept you as a client and agree to perform the surgery. 
Firstly, during an initial online consultation, Andrew Cooper will assess your hair and then talk with you about your medical history. At this point we will be in a better position to determine a suitable bespoke treatment plan to reach your aesthetic goals longer term. 
As consultation are performed 7 day a week and are free of charge it is wise to schedule a consultation right away to discuss your goals with Elite Hair Restoration, this way we can answer any of your questions or concerns and confirm exactly what can and needs to be done in writing. 
Assuming you are medically suitable and will achieve a good result following hair transplant surgery and have realistic expectations from this procedure, Andrew will create a unique treatment plan that will meet your needs, explain in detail the aftercare plan, prices, finance and availability. 
How much is Transgender Hair Restoration Surgery? 
Any hair restoration surgery is specific to the individual. As a result the prices can vary. There is no ‘Set Price’ that applies across the board to everyone – that’s why it’s essential to book a consultation but a rough guide would be between £3,500 to £4,500. 
For example, we need to understand your goals, the quality of the donor hair, the amount of donor hair, the size and shape of the recipient area to ascertain how many grafts you need. This can then allow us to calculate a ‘Cost For Surgery’
What Will the Aftercare & Recovery Process Be Like? 
After a hair restoration procedure, you can expect soreness in both the recipient area and donor area for a few days, redness, and swelling in the harvesting and grafting areas. However, this type of discomfort can be treated with medication that your surgeon will provide. This is normally 5-7 days Co-Codamol, a very strong painkiller. In addition to this the Surgeon may prescribe Prednisolone for swelling and Cefalexin as an antibiotic. 
Your healing time might be longer if you had a larger procedure that required a more significant number of incisions. 
However, all patients can return to work after 14 days. 
Ultimately, a person’s healing time and pain threshold is quite unique. 
When you follow up with your personal patient advocate, Andrew Cooper, he will keep you informed about your progress and essential stages in your healing journey. He is contactable 7 days a week and on hand to assist you with all your questions or concerns. 
In Summary 
Hair restoration surgery can be an excellent option for transgender women who want to improve the appearance of their hair. Doing so can minimize gender dysphoria and lead to a better quality of life. To arrange a Free Consultation please contact Andrew on: 
Office: 0800 1712430 
Mobile: 07802 493234 
Email: info@elitehairrestoration.co.uk 
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