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Hair Loss Surgery - What To Use On The Scalp After FUT or FUE Hair Tranplant Surgery 
After a patient has spent their hard earned money on hair transplant surgery it is vital that the aftercare guidelines are followed to allow for the best possible results from the procedure itself. 
It may be very tempting to go back to work quickly or perhaps visit the gym but this can be detrminetal to the longer term goals from Hair Restoration. 
After your hair transplant with Elite Hair Restoration Ltd, we will provide you with a detailed aftercare document that will go through your recovery process, to ensure your best possible results from Hair Loss Surgery. 
In addition to this guide, there are a number of products that can be used, each with different benefits to aid the progress. 
Hair transplant aftercare regime 
Hair Transplant Aftercare is so important, any hair transplant should also supply a tailored solution to your aftercare journey, with detailed aftercare instructions and products to optimse growth and healing. Most normal hair styling products such as gel and wax are to be completely avoided for 2 weeks, post-surgery. 
Products to use after a hair transplant 
Saline solution spray 
Saline solution is often recommended by experts in order to help to settle grafts quicker, keep the transplant area sanitary and to speed up recovery time, as well as aiding with any possible itching sensation. Keeping the grafts moist is essential in the early stages of recovery. 
Specialist shampoo 
Due to the fact that many popular shampoos contain harsh chemicals, one of the best products to use after a hair transplant is baby shampoo or SEO Pharma Post Hair Transplant Surgery Shampoo available at our Online Store. These shampoos are naturally less harsh on the hair and scalp than products containing unnatural chemicals. 
SEO Pharma Panthenol Lotion is another product that can be used prior to washing, in order to soften the scalp and the scabs that will likely have appeared around the transplant area. By softening this area, traces of dried blood will be removed easier and the wound will heal faster. It is essential to be extremely careful when touching any part of the scalp at the early stages of recovery in order to maximise your transplant results. 
Supplements and medications 
SEO Pharma Hair Loss Vitamins may be recommended by your surgeon to be taken following your hair transplant. These vary from person to person, but should be tailored to your individual needs post-operation, and are some of the best hair products to use after a hair transplant. 
SEO Pharma Post Hair Transplant Products 
SEO Pharma make a range of Pre & Post Surgery Hairloss, Hair Thinning and Hair Restoration products to treat the scalp, the hair & the recovery of a hair follicle, a comprehensive list of products is available on our online shop. 
A hair transplant with Elite Hair Restoration Ltd 
You should always check when is the best time to start using any products on your hair post-transplant, and 
with Elite Hair Restoration, you can be sure you will be provided with a comprehensive programme of aftercare instructions in order to get the best possible results in writing on the day of Surgery. 
You can find a number of testimonials that show the patient care and amazing results we have achieved for both Male, Female & Transgender Hair Transplant patients throughout the UK since 2010. Enquire with us about a free online consultation, where we will run through your options and suggest the best possible solution for your hair loss issues. 
P: 0800 1712430 
M: 07802 493234 
E: info@elitehairrestoration.co.uk 
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