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Cathcing Hair Loss Early Is Important, How To Recognise Hair Loss And Your Options  
Whether we want to accept it or not, hair loss is a fact of life for many men in the UK as around 65% of Men suffer from some form of Hair Thinning. 
While many men are ok with the loss and simply allow it to happen, shaving their hair off or wearing a cap, others aren’t so keen to allow their hairline to disappear. 
If you are someone the doesn't like the idea, you might be wondering how to know when your hair loss has reached a point at which a hair loss treatment might be necessary. 
Here are three signs to look out for. 
1. Your hairline has receded and the hair has less volume in the forelock: 
All men will experience some form of receding hairline as they age, so a higher hairline doesn’t necessarily mean you need hair transplant surgery. However, if you’re below middle age, have been tracking your hairline for a while, and are still convinced that it’s receding faster than it should be based on photos and researching your family history, a hair transplant consultation can be a great place to start. Another key indicator is that the hair feels thinner when you run your hand through it, with less overall volume. 
2. You’re noticing more hair on your pillow and in the shower or in your hairbrush: 
If you’ve ever showered, looked down, then noticed more than 100 hairs on the floor of the shower, this could be a sign of hair loss. Men can shed up to 100 hairs per day but any more than this, it's time to seek some help. You may also find lost hair on your pillow and when you brush it. Most men in the UK will lose some hair this way, but a large amount is an indication of DHT reducing your density. Luckily, if you’re considering a hair transplant, Elite Hair Restoration Ltd is the ideal provider to find a solution with online consultations 7 days per week and a network of surgeons and Clinics across the UK. 
3. Your hair is thinning, but you don’t have a fully bald area yet: 
Catching thinning hair early and preventing further hair loss can be a great way to stave off a fully bald head (or slow it down). You may not have a full-blown bald patch just yet (but as a rule, until you have lost 40% of the density you may not have even noticed the hair thinning) or a small area where the scalp is more visible – is a sure sign that you’re losing hair. If this is the case, at least having a hair transplant consultation might be the right choice for you so you can explore not only Hair Transplant Surgery but Non-Surgical, Topical, Drug Therapy, and Minimally Invasive Treatments to reduce hair loss. 
If you’d like to learn more about the best FUT & FUE hair transplant surgeons, get in touch with Elite Hair Restoration Ltd today. 
Our free online consultations will show you just how easy it can be to restore your hair and confidence with a fuller head of hair. 
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