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How To Care For Your Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery 
After Hair transplantation one of the first thing patients ask is “When Can I Was My Hair After Surgery”. In this blog, we will address this question with guidance and advice on how to care for your hair after the surgery. 
In the United Kingdom, Elite Hair Restoration is one of the most well-known Hair Transplant Surgery Providers where patients undergo FUT or FUE hair transplant procedures. 
Hair transplantation is a remarkable procedure for many patients. It allows a patient to regain lost confidence and deal with emotional issues caused by thinning hair which can have a serious knock on effect to a person's mental health and yet it in mainly left untreated by the NHS and can be stopped with medication or restored with a day-case surgery. 
Ways to Wash Your Hair after Hair Restoration Surgery (FUT or FUE Surgery) 
It is essential to follow the steps regarding washing hair after the hair restoration. 
The transplanted area should be treated very delicately for several days, below is an idea of what can be done to take the best possible care of your new follicles: 
Post-Operative Instructions- FUT/FUE Hair Transplant Technique 
1. Eat a light meal following the procedure. 
2. Do not drink alcoholic beverages for 7 days following the procedure. 
3. Do not take any aspirin or any medication containing Salicylic Acid. Also, avoid the use of any non-prescribed substances for 7 days following the procedure. 
4. Follow the instructions regarding the medication prescribed by your doctor. 
All medication should be taken with a meal. 
5. Relax for the rest of the day. 
6. Do not scratch the head at any time as it is important that germs are not transferred from your fingers/hands to the donor or recipient sites as this could cause infection. 
7. Avoid strenuous exercise for 30 days following the procedure. 
8. Do not turn the head in the upside-down position on the day of the procedure or at least 4 days following the procedure. 
9. Do not expose your head to strong direct sunlight for 30 days following the procedure, we recommend that you wear a hat/cap when going out in direct sunlight for four weeks post-procedure and avoid sunburn on the head for two months post-procedure. 
10. Sleep on your back but not on your stomach. 
11. Spray the recipient site with the hydration solution every 60 minutes following the procedure (while awake) on the day of the procedure and the following 5 days. 
If you use all the hydration solution within the 3 to 4-day period, simply refill the bottle with cold boiled water from your kettle. 
If you are purchasing a hair product, please ensure that it does not contain silicone, perfume, or dyes. 
Hair Products You Can Use after Hair Restoration Surgery: 
After restoration, we advise all patients to spray the grafted area with a spray bottle and solution provided for 5 days, from day six to seven we advise to pour tepid water over the grafted area, and then from day eight to day twelve a soapy solution, normally water mixed with baby Shampoo over the transplanted (grafted area). Then on days thirteen and fourteen you can start to gently wash the hair normally. Fingertip lightly with no nails scratching the scalp as if you are washing a newborn baby's head. 
The transplant area can be tender, and this is why baby shampoo is gentle and great for preventing irritation. 
Other than baby shampoo, we have a range of aftercare lotions, shampoos, and treatments available at our ONLINE SHOP to assist with post-operative recovery, these are listed below: 
Points to Consider for Hair Wash after Hair Transplant 
The following are points to consider for hair washing. 
Before hair washing, place a thin layer of panthenol on the transplanted grafts and wait about 40 minutes. 
Do not expose the grafted follicles to highly pressurized water from a power shower, please adjust the water to warm rather than hot and change the pressure to low rather than high. 
Pour some shampoo on the recipient area and use gentle fingertips to foam it by vertically touching grafts for about 15 minutes. 
To prevent potential infection, you must gently rinse any dried scabs or blood and very lightly rub the area to remove them. 
After washing you can use a warm towel and softly dab the area dry, do not vigorously rub the area. 
When Is the Best Time to Start Washing Your Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery? 
You should wait until day 13 to properly wash your hair normally after surgery. You can clean the donor area at the back of the scalp after two days, but the recipient/transplanted area must be left much longer and only use the Spray, Tepid Water, and Soapy Water with baby Shampoo and then start to wash as per the instructions delivered on the day of surgery from the operating Surgeon. 
You are allowed to take a body shower or bath but please keep the grafts dry and not submerged in water. 
Can You Massage Your Scalp When Washing Your Hair after Hair Transplant? 
Individuals are advised to wait 13 days before massaging their scalp for the first time after surgery. Even then, they need to massage gently with no nails, so no scratching or picking at the scabs whatsoever. The reason is that one must wait for at least 13 days for the scalp to deal with the effects of the surgery as you can dislodge the grafts and cause a problem with the regrowth. 
When Can You Normally Wash Your Hair after Hair Restoration? 
After about 13-14 days, there should be no more traces of dried blood. If there are then use some SEO Pharma Post Surgery products available on our online store simply use some E45 Emollient Wash, apply and leave on for 20-30 minutes and rinse away). 
You may start washing your hair normally after 14 days at the earliest. One can also wash the hair more than once a day if needed. For further information, consult Andrew Cooper at Elite Hair Restoration Ltd and he can advise a plan moving forward around the aftercare after consulting with your operating surgeon. 
Office: 0800 1712430 
Mobile: 07802 493234 
Email: info@elitehairrestoration.co.uk 
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