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Say Goodbye to Hair Loss and a Receding Hairline with Elite Hair Restoration Ltd. 
You no longer need to accept your Hair Loss, Treatments are a phone call away with Elite Hair Restoration Ltd. With Clinics throughout the UK and the only 24/7 Hair Loss Clinic, get in contact today for advice and support. Below we will explain your options: 
• Male pattern baldness affects 2/3rds of UK men, often due to genetics 
• Hair transplant surgery is an option, with celebrities like Wayne Rooney, Calum Best, and Jake Quickenden undergoing the procedure 
• However, there are many alternative hair loss treatments available that are less invasive, less painful, and more affordable 
• Elite Hair Restoration Ltd offers the best hair loss treatments, including Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) and Regaine, with little to no downtime 
• Book a consultation today to restore your confidence and self-esteem with thicker, more youthful-looking hair! 
Pros of a Hair Transplant: 
• Long-lasting, quality results 
• Real hair is transplanted for a natural look 
• Restores confidence and self-esteem 
Cons of a Hair Transplant: 
• Risk of scarring, infection, nerve damage, and hemorrhaging 
• Complex procedure with a high cost of up to £10,000 
Alternatives to Hair Transplant Surgery: 
PRP Hair Treatment: 
• Stimulates the scalp to encourage hair growth 
• 30-45 minute appointment time 
• Low risks with a shorter recovery time than surgery 
• Regaine is a medically-approved dermal cream that can help regrow hair or prevent further hair loss 
Don't let male pattern baldness impact your confidence and self-esteem. Get in touch with our experts at Elite Hair Restoration Ltd today to explore the best hair loss treatments available. 
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