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The Journey Of A Fuller Head Of Hair Starts Here 
Have you ever noticed sudden hair loss, and it feels like a total surprise, even though it's not in your family history? We totally get it – hair loss can be unexpected and concerning. But don't worry, the experts at Elite Hair Restoration Ltd are here to help you understand and conquer this challenge with a friendly and compassionate approach! 
At our vibrant hair restoration clinics located throughout the UK in cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and London, we have a fantastic team of GMC Registered Hair Restoration Surgeons. Not only do we strive to restore your hair to its former glory, but we also want to uncover the root causes of your thinning hair. 
Let's talk nutrition and hair health – it's a dynamic duo! 
Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for overall well-being, and guess what? Your hair loves it too! When you give your body the right nutrients, your hair thrives, and who doesn't want fabulous, healthy locks? 
Our brilliant team knows that everyone is unique, and if you suspect that your diet might be linked to your hair loss, we're here to investigate. Andrew Cooper, our hair loss expert, will carefully evaluate your symptoms, exploring the role that key nutrients play in your hair journey. 
Here are some fascinating insights into the relationship between nutrition and hair loss: 
Protein – The Superhero for Hair Health! 
Protein is a superstar when it comes to hair health. It's like the foundation of your hair's structure! But wait, there's a catch – too much or too little protein can cause hair issues. You're probably getting enough protein, as most Americans do, but excessive intake can lead to biotin deficiency, which in turn might cause hair loss. Let's find the perfect balance for your hair! 
Minerals – Building Blocks for Strong Hair! 
Iron, zinc, and selenium are essential minerals for maintaining healthy hair. If you're lacking iron, your hair follicles won't get the nourishment they crave, and your hair growth cycle might go haywire. And watch out for selenium and zinc deficiencies, as they can lead to hair loss too. Let's load up on those nuts, lentils, and dark leafy greens to keep your hair game strong! 
Vitamins – Hair Growth Boosters! 
Vitamins are like little superheroes for your hair growth. But be cautious – imbalances can trigger or worsen hair loss. Too much vitamin A can mess with your hair growth cycle, while a lack of vitamin B7 (biotin) can lead to brittle hair and increased shedding. And don't forget the magic of vitamin C, which helps absorb iron – if you're low on this, it can worsen iron deficiency-induced hair loss. Let's keep those vitamin-rich fruits and veggies coming! 
We're on your side throughout your hair restoration journey! 
Dealing with thinning hair can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but we've got your back! At Elite Hair Restoration Ltd, we genuinely understand the challenges you're facing. Andrew is dedicated to creating a personalized hair loss treatment plan tailored to your unique scalp and health needs. 
Our journey together will be filled with unwavering support and guidance, from your initial consultation all the way to the final steps of your hair restoration journey. 
So, what can we offer you? Take your pick from our fantastic hair restoration treatments: 
Prescription-strength medications 
Regenerative treatments like PRP therapy 
Low-level laser treatments 
Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants (Single follicle extraction hair loss surgery) 
Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) hair transplant (Linear strip harvest hair loss surgery) 
Don't wait any longer – let's get you back on track to fabulous hair days! Schedule a consultation online or give us a call at Elite Hair Restoration Ltd. We're here, eager to guide you toward your dream hair! 
Can't wait to meet you soon! 
With excitement, 
The Elite Hair Restoration Ltd Team 
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