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What Age Can I Undergo A Hair Transplant Surgery 
Let's face it. The age limit for hair transplant surgery is 65. So there is a good chance that you are wondering if you can get hair transplant surgery at the tender age of 20 or maybe even 23. 
The million-dollar question is: am I too young for hair transplant surgery? 
Is there a proper age for hair transplants? 
The answer is not very straightforward. It all depends on the type of surgery you opt for and the qualified professional who performs it. 
One must understand that the quality of your remaining hair follicles plays a major role in determining the success of a hair transplant operation. 
However, age is an important factor to consider before going ahead with surgical hair restoration. 
More often than not, people assume that they are too young to undergo surgery. And they may be correct if they haven't considered a non surgical approach for hair retention initially. 
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At the end of the day, there is no hard number that determines a perfect age to undergo hair transplant surgery. Two patients of the same age can have drastically different levels of balding and unique plans for the future. The only thing you can do is consider what's best for you, talk with your patient advocate and go forth with confidence and assurance that you are making the best decision possible in your case. 
Guidelines are between 22 and 65 although patients can have hair surgery later subject to consultation and surgery approval. 
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