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How to Decide if you are suitable for Hair Transplant Surgery 
Must Have Information For Anyone Considering A Hair Transplant Procedure: a blog about Hair transplant surgery with the list of important things to know. 
A hair transplant procedure has never been so accessible or affordable with Elite Hair Restorations network of FUT and FUE Surgeons operating throughout the UK, from Manchester, Nottingham, Bromsgrove, Leamington Spa and London
Unfortunately, though, not everyone can be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. There are various factors that make someone a good or bad candidate. To be suitable, one must have enough donor area to support the transplanted hair follicles. One should also have enough scalp laxity to support surgery. Another important factor is good skin tone in the donor area in order to improve the cosmetic outcome of the procedure. 
Hair Transplant Surgery is a surgical procedure that transplants hair from the permanent zone to the balding areas. 
It is very important to know if you are suitable for Hair Transplant Surgery before you go ahead with the surgery. 
There are many factors which determine if you are suitable for Hair Transplant Surgery or not. It is important to get these things checked by a member of the Elite Hair Restoration Hair Transplant Team before going ahead with the surgery. 
The first thing that needs to be looked at is your age and genetics. If you are under 25 years of age, then it is likely that your hair loss is starting young and we need to consider longer term action to prevent more thinning. At Elite Hair Restoration we have suitable products available online to prevent and strgenthen hair both prior and post surgery at our ONLINE SHOP. However, if you are older than 35 years, then surgically implanting follicles might be more straightforward if the hair loss is slower and more stable. 
There is more risk involved in the surgery with the larger procedures, as well as recovery time being longer than expected due to increased risk of scarring and other complications during this period of time when there is no hair on your head at all (the surgical area), meaning patients that have a higher Norwood Scale valuation. 
The second factor that needs to be taken into consideration is whether or not you have any other medical conditions or medications which may interfere with the success rate of this type of procedure. 
At Elite Hair Restoration we go through a thorough Consultation process, including a detailed Medical Questionnaire and assessment of your Hair Loss now and potentially in the future. 
Achieving the best outcome in the No1 Priority. 
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